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I would like to start by saying my name is Williadean Doggette my friends and family call me "Sevhn". The mother of Kyyri Doggett murdered on August 8th 2017.  Born October 8th 1991, Kyyri was taken from me due to senseless GUN VIOLENCE.  Kyyri was 25 years old and an aspiring artist in music. 


Kyyri and I along with his siblings moved to Charlotte from Newport News Virginia. I wanted to show my children a different life here in the Queen City and wanted them to also know that if you put God first all things are possible even when it came to moving to another state.


Kyyri was the eldest of the children and he was very charismatic and talented. He is the father of three, Aubrey Taylor and Kyyri. He enjoyed his time with his children between playing in the floor or going out to eat or taking them to the park.  If Kyyri wasn't with his children he was in the studio working on his music. He won the North Carolina new artist Music Awards and was very proud of himself for his accomplishments.

That particular year that I lost my son 89 murders for the year took place here in Charlotte. Every day on our local news it would continuously sadden me to look at all the Mother's crying over losing their babies due to senseless gun violence.  I could feel the pain of each one. Who would these mothers turn to for support because nobody can understand what they're going through at this moment. If they were like me and have no family in the state that they're in who would they turn to?  What do you do if your a mom with no insurance for your child, like I was where do you go?  If no family is available in the late night hours and you need to talk who do you call? If I have just paid for a funeral and the siblings of the deceased need new school uniforms who do I turn to?  Who do I contact? These were some of the things mothers are going to need and I want it to be that "go to" for help.

After continued research I found no specific support group for moms. So I decided to birth my own Support Group  called MM2K, INC.


I have also created a t-shirt line for the mothers to express how we feel during this traumatic time.  If you would like to purchase a T-shirt and or donate please click (Here)

I would like to thank all who viewed my website all donations will be greatly appreciated and all donations will go towards assisting mothers and or siblings in need.


Kyyri's Mom

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